H2O Exhitibion. Swedish contemporary architecture

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18 October – 15 November 2016 @ MNAC Dalles
Opening: Tuesday, 18th October, 7 pm

7 Swedish project in an exhibition dedicated to sustainability, identity and aesthetics in Swedish contemporary architecture. The architecture offices taking part are: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, Kjellander Sjöberg, Notedesignstudio, Petra Gipp Arkitektur, PS Arkitektur, Wingardhs and IceHotel.

The Swedish landscape is certainly an expressive one, in which water plays a dominant role, in all its states of aggregation, but also symbolically. When speaking of the snow or the ice from the Arctic Circle, of the abundant rain, of Stockholm and its 14 islands, of the puddles and the fog in the forests, of the rivers and the clouds that ignite from the aurora borealis, what we describe is an environment with extreme accents, one which architects learn to respect, understand and bring it closer to people. Such a powerful and difficult environment, sometimes riddled with mystery and poetry, incites an intelligent architecture, where mastering the technology doesn’t forget about the specificity of the places, about the history and the people who inhabit the place.

H2O exhibition shows, through 7 projects, 7 different ideas about cohabitation with water. From the smallest scale of homes to a wider symbolic and cultural level, such as the pavilion from the Biennale of Architecture in Vienna, to a center for maritime emergency situations, a water museum that explores water as an educational resource, or an ice hotel, which invites guests to extreme experiences in the North Pole.

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H2O Exhibition is part of Creative Sweden #3 program, organized by by the Swedish Embassy in Romania and Zeppelin Association

Main partner: ABB

Sponsors: Absolut, H&M, Husqvarna, IKEA

Supported by: Ecolor, Ericsson, Scania, Securitas, Skanska, Volvo Trucks, Zewa.

Collaborators: Asociația Oricum, Eematico, Expirat @ Halele Carol, Fargfabriken, IDZ, Modulab, Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană, NOD Makerspace

Media partners: Arhitext, Cărturești, De Design.Tv, Designist, Feeder.ro, Ideaslab, Igloo, IQads, Modernism, Radio România Cultural, Radio România Muzical, Ring, Șapte Seri, The Institute, Urbology