zeppelin magazine | no #142


Zeppelin magazine #142

022. Edito: Áusländer

Text: Mugur Grosu

024. DOSSIER: Houses, New and Anew

026. Intro: Housing, recycling, the new past, the gentle revolutions

Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu 


  • 028. A lot in common: 

      Duplex Architekten: Cluster House (House A)

  • 040. 617 meters and new ways of living 

      The urban conversion of Macdonald warehouse in Paris

  • 046. Habiter Autrement
  • 052. Hondelatte Laporte Architectes
  • 058. Brenac & Gonzalez
  • 066. Rural house rehabilitation
  • 074. The house above the house
  • 104. Hilariopolis

      ADN BA’s contribution for La Biennale di Venezia 

  • 108. Barcelona Living Box

     Prefab Student Housing

  • 118. How to save a building before it gets built

     Apartment building, Dudești Road, Bucharest

  • 122. AP_GRADE NORD

     Interior design as recomposition


128. Zoom

  • 130. Do not (re)build if you don’t have to

      Reconversion of an old mill into an interpretation centre and an incubator, Anderlecht, Belgium

  • 148. Eco‑Chilia
  • 154. Wienerberger Brick Award 2016


162. Design & Technology

  • 164. 342,914 km of scaffolding. A spatial strategy
  • 170. Everything connected to the city is political:

      An interview with Ivo Gönner, former mayor of Ulm

  • 176. UPC offices, Budapest
  • 182. The sunken garden
  • 186. I live in Everybody’s Times
  • 188. Ap.Rindele:

      Planers furniture

  • 196. An artist in the city:

      Tania Mouraud confiding to the passersby

Tania Mouraud - bucuresti

Edito: I am not from around here. I’m a stranger. An Ausländer.

Text & photo: Mugur Grosu

I am one of those people who, although having lived here for so many years, never feels quite at home. Whenever I meet people like me, we joke saying we’re Constanța’s diaspora in Bucharest. It’s like in our veins flows a fundamentally different thing — a morose cocktail pounding adversely, in which the sickness of the golden fleece seekers collides with acute sense of exile, left by the shadow of Ovid at Tomis—which has remained, basically, the same barbaric land.

June - August 2016