zeppelin magazine | no #131


Zeppein magazine no: #131

17. Editor’s: To the Future, while Looking Back
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

Edito -Dealu’ Cerului -Fundația Archaeus - Rezervația Cheile Nerei-Beuşniţa -site

18. Dossier: Chile, a New Generation: a Generation of Change – 3rd Part
> An optimistic panorama towards the future of Chilean architecture  
Curator & intro: José Luis Uribe Ortiz

  • 19. Cristián Axl Valdés / Mutar Estudio: Morocha House

Chile - 1 Morocha


  • 22. Benjamín Murúa, Rodrigo Valenzuela: Taltal Public Library

Chile -2 -biblioteca din Taltal

  • 28. Gubbins Arquitectos/Polidura+Talhouk Arq.: Lodge La Baita

Chile 3 - LA BAITA

  • 32. Christian Sundby + Hector Peldoza: Ringstadbakken House

Chile -4  Casa Ringstadbakken

  • 34. Sebastian Preece: Shelter in the Museum

Chile - 5- adapost in muzeu

  • 36. José Abásolo: Collective and Collaborative: Towards a Blurring Discipline

38. Starh-ACD – Florian Stanciu, Iulia Stanciu: Slowly Building a Place
>  The 10 years construction period of this villa on the shores of a lake on the outskirts of Bucharest allows to read the evolution of the architectural philosophy of Starh office.
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

Starh -Pavilion

53. SYAA: Tactile and conceptual: SIMBIO Kitchen & Bar
>  Restaurant, bar and hub on Negustori Street in Bucharest
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

Simbio Kitchen and Bar

60. Mihai Vărzan, Péter Marx, Ilinca Rădulescu: Generic School and Extended Urban Experience
>  School no. 195 extension in Titan district, Bucharest

scoala 195 Titan - poarta de acces

66. Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti: Critical Revisiting of Tradition
    >  Contextualist house in Slovenia

Casa Vrhovlje - Slovenia - acoperis


70. Carol Factory – the beginning
> A model of rehabilitation for Hesper S.A. historical buildings in Bucharest
Text: Constantin Goagea

Halele Carol - inceputul


73. Urban Report
74. ÉME Master School: Trefort Garden. A Monument in Personal Proximity
> This huge monument in Budapest speaks about trauma and memory in a non-heroic, refined and empathic manner, by means of the latest technologies and graphic design.
Text: Krisztina Somogyi

monument - Gradina Trefort

79. Design & More

  • 8o. The Architectural Profession in 2014: Europe and Romania

Serban Ţigănaş examines  the latest European sectoral study about the profession of architect and proposes some principles for an improvement.

foto Stefan Tuchila - ultimul etaj - j

84. Stockholm Design Week  
> Design in Sweden is a lot about political support and a national identity that incorporates design and an authentic social character
Text: Constantin Goagea

Project created by students WOFD, University of Gothenburg 2015.

89. Connected

  • 90. Under the Skin of Our Buildings or Biomimicry as Sustainable Design

> Architecture Follows Nature- Biomimetic Principles for Innovative Design by Ilaria Mazzoleni in collaboration with Shauna Price
Book review: Alexandru Bălășescu

Image converted using ifftoany

  • 91. Marius Miclăuș:   Arhitecture under Extreme Conditions

> Mountain refuge at Călțun

Marius Miclaus - refugiu in muntii Caltun

Carol Factory – the beginning

Text: Constantin Goagea
Photo: Silviu Dancu, Meta van Drunen

Hesper S.A.. is a factory in the southern part of the central area og Bucharest, formerly known as Wolf, then Steaua Roșie (Red Star) Factory. For over two years now, Zeppelin works, in partnership with Hesper, to a model of rehabilitation for these spectacular buildings built in 1887: two years of research right on the site, in the Netherlands, Norway, Germany and Russia about how such a place can be transformed, meetings and discussions, business plans, strategies and not as the least important, action.

Editor’s: To the Future, while Looking Back

Text: Cosmin Caciuc

The Romanian audience knows Prince Charles thanks to the recent media news, as a defender of heritage and traditional practices, yet he is actually less known for his critic and often beligerant discourse against modern architecture. The Architectural Review, a prestigious British publication, asked Prince Charles to provide an editorial contribution last December about his vision on the future of cities.

February 2015