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Zeppelin #156 (winter_2019)

Edito: You are here
Text: Mugur Grosu

What can be more comforting when you get lost than the landmark on the map telling you where you are: you are here. Maybe a simple sign that indicates a destination.(…)

Modernism: Continued

Text: Ştefan Ghenciulescu

21st Century Art Deco
PJ House, Cluj

Carmelo Baglivo: A Modernity of Inclusion and Uncertainty
Text: Alexandru Cristian Beşliu

From Form‑Trans‑Inform to Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée
A Discussion with Doina Petrescu and Constantin Petcou

Interview: Alex Axinte
The National Theatre of Craiova (1969–1974)
Architect: Alexandru Iotzu
Text: Irina Tulbure

A Home and a Family
Adolf Loos: Villa Winternitz, Prague

Interior Design Triggers Rehabilitation
The Block of Flats at 1, Sf. Ştefan Square
Text: Ilinca Păun Constantinescu

Kristin Wenzel’s Dramatic and Obscure Architecture
Text: Cristina Vasilescu

Bauhaus 100 Bucharest
Text: Brînduşa Tudor,Anca Cioarec, Ştefan Ghenciulescu

On the occasion of the Bauhaus centennial, Goethe Institutes all around the world have organized special programs; they have brought exhibitions, movies, lecturers etc., but they have also organized their own events, pretty much everywhere, in cooperation with local organizations: Bauhaus itself was a celebration of openness, of national and inter-disciplinary cooperation. It was natural that a celebration of the phenomenon should also refer to the local Modernist and Avant-Garde instances.

In Romania, Goethe-Institut brought Imaginista, a traveling exhibition that brings to the public attention lesser known speeches and narratives on the Bauhaus heritage in different cultural and geographical areas. (…)



One Building, 17 Houses
ADN BA: Apartment Building, Bucharest

ADN BA: Aviation Park

Restoration and Interior Design, CH9 Coffee Shop, Brașov

CC Pharmacy

Polenta Architecture

Architecture as a Soft-Power Tool
Text: Cosmina Goagea


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