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25 Editor’s / Text: Constantin Goagea

28 Mi5 arquitectos + PKMN [pac-man] architectures: TERUEL-ZILLA!
> Public space over a public building in Spain

Urban integration of tramline in Zaragoza

Post de: Iñaki Alday, Margarita Jover

Aldayjover’s scheme is a brilliant example of integrating traffic concepts, a vision at city scale, public space and object design.

Rebirth of the tram
Since the 1960s, as in other Spanish cities, a transformation occurred in the realm of traffic space in Zaragoza. Previously, there was reduced circulation and little separation between foot traffic and motor traffic.

ArcelorMittal Orbit. Or how to produce an urban icon

Post de: Stefan Ghenciulescu

The main ingredients of this project are a mythical and ambitious metropolis – London; one event – the Olympic Games; a dynamic and ambitious mayor  – Boris Johnson; a very powerful corporation – ArcelorMittal and its Chair – Lakshmi Mital; a cooperation between an exceptional artist (and always appealing to a broad audience) – Anish Kapoor and a visionary engineer – Cecil Balmond.

July - August 2012