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27 Editor’s / Text: Constantin Goagea

28 DOSSIER: Eduardo Souto de Moura

BMW Guggenheim Lab in Berlin

Post de: Cosmin Caciuc, Cosmina Goagea

The urban life exploration lab has moved from America to Europe, proving to be a model of public dialogue and active participation.

After the BMW Guggenheim Lab New York cultural project was launched in New York last summer, the mobile lab came to Berlin where it ran from 15 June to 29 July. The open-air pavilion designed by Atelier Bow-Wow (which was presented in Zeppelin #98) is hosted in one of the inner courtyards of a former 19th century beer factory: the Pfefferberg complex in the Prenzlauer Berg district (Schönhauser Allee 176).


Editor’s: Holiday scenes with Mars in the background

Post de: Constantin Goagea

5.32 GMT

Curiosity is a car with big wheels, similar to a tractor. It is 3 m long and has almost the same width, and it explores Mars. It landed there very early on 6 August. It has 17 video cameras which send the images it collects there via the radio. Once in a while, the people on earth see Mars through the electronic eyes of Curiosity.
September 2012