zeppelin magazine | no #119


Magazine no. 119

13 Towards a technologically augmented and nature orientated future.

18 Degu Studio: Acoustic study and a concert for 4 squirrels in a P+3 apartment
Text: Justin Baroncea, Eduard Gabia

21 Editor’s
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

21 Editorial

22 John McAslan + Partners (JMP): King’s Cross – Structural Transformation
> The heart of an important new urban development in London, an internationally significant transport interchange, and Europe’s largest single span station structure.

22 John McAslan + Partners (JMP) King’s Cross –

30 Katrin Lesser & Ben Buschfeld: Bruno Taut’s House and an Urban Vision
>The restoration of architect’s home in Neukölln-Britz, Berlin, is an example of good practice for responsible reactivation of a modernist heritage.

Text: Cosmin Caciuc

30 Katrin Lesser & Ben Buschfeld

38 Recoveries: An Exhibition and a Conference about Cinderellas
Text: Zeppelin

44 Studio Propolis: From Details and Design to Architecture
> Rethinking architecture through carpentry design and workshop craftmanship
Text: Naeem Biviji & Bethan Rayner

52 Miklós Köllö: The Restoration and Condensation of the Architect’s Family House
> An old house in Ciumani village, Harghita county, is extended in plan by only  10 m2, and the attic is turned into living space, allowing an urban comfort at the country and eliminating the need for new construction.

52 Miklós Köllö Reabilitarea și densificarea casei părintești


Urban Report
52 CTRL+Z: Low-tech Experimentation and Urban Activation
> Mobile and affordable structure and shared working space in a rehabilitated industrial building from Spain
Text: Gianluca Stasi


64 Zeppelin: About the New Fire Pub
> A pub in the historic center of Bucharest

64 Zeppelin Despre noul Bar Fire

72 Polska Folk
> A travelling exhibition highlighting young Polish designers that get their inspiration from the rural tradition of their country, and an interview with Agnieszka Jacobson‑Cielecka, the curator of this exhibition.

Reporter: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

72 polska


78 The Vegetable Basket: Organic Micro-Farm Between Village and City
> A successful business in the field of organic farming in Ialomiţa county
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

82 Participatory City: 100 Urban Trends from the BMW Guggenheim Lab
> A synthesis of all the experiences and ideas generated within the urban labo­ratory in its two-year journey in the cities New York, Berlin and Mumbai.

Text: Cosmina Goagea

Participatory City 100 Urban Trends from the BMW Guggenheim Lab

86 USF: A Neighborhood for Arts in Bergen
> Postindustrial conversion and a center for arts in Norway
Text: Evy Sørensen

90 Ruhrtriennale 2013: When Art Replaces Industry
> Rediscovering industrial monuments through art and a large yearly cultural event in Germany
Text: Ioana Calen

Probe zur Oper Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern



The critical reclaim of the past of modernity.

Text & images: Cosmin Caciuc

 In believe that, at this moment, from a strictly historiographic point of view, both progressive ideology and cultural resistance may find a different kind of civic balance in what I would generally call the urbanity that reclaims the past of modernity, leaving behind the stereotypes of the antagonism which arised with the Modern Movement, based on the new (industrial) city versus the old (preindustrial) city.