Creative Sweden #4

The concept of Suedia Creativa #4 is focusing on the social innovation through social design.

The concept of Suedia Creativa #4 is focusing on the social innovation through social design.

The world is experiencing right now a moment of radical change, and thousands of small mindset shifts are shaping the life in the city, the relations between bottom-up and top-down levels, and finally the democracy. All sort of independent initiatives, social and cultural entrepreneurship, practices of social design, the smart use of any available resource, new working relations based on sharing and trust, specific forms of education and professional development empowering women in difficult situations – all those are resetting the rules and softly crystallizing a new model of society. The open and tolerant society in Sweden is an enabling environment for creative practices leading to social innovation.

Suedia Creativa #4 aims to put into light and discussion some design and entrepreneurship practices, both from Sweden and from Romania, as factors that are changing the local context.

Inspired by the Swedish concept of Fika as a habit to cultivate healthy relations and exchange of ideas between people, we will create a special space for dialogue. A design pop-up urban installation will function during the month of September 2017 in a cultural center in Bucharest, opening up the debate on some themes related to the new creative city-makers: creative people, as agents of urban change.


 12 September 2017

PUCK – pop up creative kit

JAN RYDEN (Sweden) / The Right to the City/ lecture and intervention
ZEPPELIN / urban object DNA extract
TRSC / sofica
MODULAB / robot draws

  • PUCK Exhibition opening @ MNAC Sala Dalles (18:30h)
  • Special guest Fika Talks 1: Jan Ryden (Sweden), who will have an artistic intervention and will present the project and the book “Right to the City”


23 – 24 September 2017

Upcycling workshop + PUCK pavilion activation @ Casa AIA


28 September 2017

Fika Talks 2 conference: Birgitta Notlof / Livstycket și Torsten Hild / HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts, Steneby @ Sala Dalles (18:30h – 21:30h)


6 October 2017

PUCK pavilion activation at the Diploma by The Institute Exhibition opening @ Stirbey Palace


15 October 2017

Swedish movie night @ Expirat Halele Carol

A film night, with all kind of features (LGBT, short movies, documentary, art, fiction).

Movies from the Embassy collection

We talk about: democracy, citizenship, human rights, anti-corruption, gender equality, lifestyle, journalism, civil society, public space, media, tolerance, integration, minority rights, sustainability, accessibility, transparency.