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Arhitectura magazine no 70 summary

Interview with piet gerards / stefan ghenciulescu & constantin goagea

Post de: Stefan Ghenciulescu & Constantin Goagea

Piet Gerards is something more than a prestigious graphic designer. He sees design as a form of cultural, but also social or political action; it is developing the spirit, not just the language of the historical avant-garde. This interview will reveal both the strictly professional aspects and his responsible and challenging personality.

Interview by Stefan Ghenciulescu & Constantin Goagea

New ensemble. extension to victoria palace, hq of the romanian government / de architekten cie.

Post de: Architekten Cie

Architectural concept
The extension of the Victoria Palace was the subject of an international design competition. de Architecten Cie have won the first prize. The project integrates the existing and new building into a harmonious and representative ensemble for the HQ of the Romanian government.
The E-shaped layout of the new extension mirrors the footprint of the existing building, organizing the new ensemble around the central courtyards. The new footprint allows a synchronized functional organization and efficient connections in between all levels of the ensemble.

editorial: urban perestroika in sao paolo / constantin goagea

Post de: Constantin Goagea

Thank God that good things still happen on Earth. After I have written so many articles against aggressive advertising and against the nonsensical way of dealing with this issue in our country, here is the solution that I personally believe is a real perestroika. In short, the advertising law in Sao Paolo is working and, except for advertisers, nobody seems to notice any of its shortcomings; on the contrary, it is one of the most popular and the most publicly supported laws anyone has ever heard of.

December 2008 - January 2009