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Arhitectura magazine no 71 summary

:count ambrosio, the fax and vertex / constantin goagea

:bogdan&van broeck architects. when the distorted image of a straight beam is not an issue. extension and reorganization of the k.u.leuven rectorate (catholic university of louvain)

Outside time. louis kahn: the salk institute, la jolla, california / cosmin caciuc

Post de: Cosmin Caciuc

Undoubtedly, there are three basic reasons why the Salk Laboratories are worth travelling 11,000 km, to the “end” of the western world, in La Jolla. The first one concerns the professional need of direct experience of an architectural masterpiece designed by Louis Khan in 1959-1965; it has indeed a deep spiritual meaning that cannot be captured from pictures or narratives and what is more, the prevailing geological and geographical landscape seems to make it a prisoner of trans-historic or cosmic eternity being thus unreachable by social and cultural changes.


Post de: Bogdan & Van Broeck Architects

When the distorted image of a straight beam is not an issue. Extension and reorganization of the Catholic University of Louvain

How to propose a contemporary intervention in a historical context? How to highlight an old building without reproducing it and without hiding the new construction? The answer
is maybe what we call “Escher architecture” (we are thinking about his work Print gallery): an outside space that becomes an inside space.

Editorial: count ambrosio, the fax and vertex / constantin goagea

Post de: Constantin Goagea

1900 and afterwards…

… when Primo Pari was living the mirage of the automobile culture. It was that very time of racing cars being born, of automobiles increasingly being part of life in the cities. Somewhere, actually nowhere, where his house is placed, popping up in the dust of a curve, a certain count Ambrosio tries to convince Florence Pari to let her husband be his partner in racing, as deadly then as they are now. A black and white sequence in which Ambrosio charges: “Florence, please, do learn this by heart: if you love somebody who loves you don’t every take his dreams away”. And Florence replies: “I think this is a great line in a book, except life is more complicated; however, I accept him to be with you in racing for a reason I will not declare to myself and for all of us to keep our composure.”

February 2009