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Zeppelin magazine #127

21. Editor’s: How to fix a community?
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

edito -studiobassar

24  ADNBA: The New Urban Villa in the Old Garden City
> ADNBA’s apartment building is an elegant addition to one of the most beautful neigh¬borhoods in Bucharest; it appears in the same time heavy and light, monumental and open, tectonic and stereotomic.


40 Dacra Studio: Completion and Fusion
>  Located in a protected area of Bucharest, an office building proves that theories of the architecture for the city can successfully work with new facade design solutions.
Text: Cosmin Caciuc

DACRA _perspectiva_EXT1

48 Carmen Tănase: A Pavilion and a Court
> The headquarters of the Forest department of Bacău County

Carmen Tanase -Pavilion si incinta - sediul Directiei Silvice Bacau

52 Lama Arhitectura: Outdoor Micro-Architecture
>  “Control Garden” and “Origo Box” from Bucharest are two basic models of outer space consumption in Romania, the first with a venerable tradition (public garden Balkan) and the second being a Western import.

Lama arhitectura - origo - crop

58 Hetedik Műterem Ltd.: The story of the futurist mushroom
>  The restauration of the former bus and tram terminal in Móricz Zsigmond square in Budapest did not involved a complete reconstruction of the former image, but instead emphasizing the original spirit – the clean and dynamic forms, the centrality and flowing space.
Text: Miklós Péterffy

Hetedik  -Moricz Zsigmond Budapesta -archive_Fortepan 1952

64 Tecon: A House with a Shell
> Dwelling placed in a neighbor¬hood in Southern Bucharest

Teocon - casa cochilie

69 Design & More

70 Galeria Nicodim + Apparatus 22: Grandchildren from the 21st centruy
>  Arrangement made by gallery owners and the exhibition of a multidisciplinary team of artists
Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

Nicodim - Apparatus 22 - exhibition view HighRes

74 Solar Decathlon Europe 2014
> Intelligent solar house competition
Text: Irina Damașcan

solar decathlon 2014 - Italia

77 Urban Report

  • 78 studioBASAR & Asociaţia Komunitas: Urban_dream_scapes & Urban Spaces in Action

>  The operations from Carol Park and Tei district in Bucharest represent an interdisciplinary initiative, a long-term experiment, a social research, a form of education, recycling, recovery and especially an enthusiastic involvement of the citizens.
Intro: Cosmin Caciuc

spatii urbane in actiune -ZC_Acumulator Tei

87 Connected

  • 88 Moment Factory: Immersive Adventure and Multimedia Experiences

> „Interactive Music Wall” and „Foresta Lumina” installations from Canada

Connected -peretele muzical -ST-JUSTINE-7

  • 92  Color Kinetics Japan & RANAGRAM: Movement and Light for Facades

> Interactive LED facade

Connected - Color Kinetics Japan - RANAGRAM

94  Solar Roadways  / Julie & Scott Brusaw: Solar Roadways
> The first solar road panel prototype

connected -carosabil solar Downtown -Sandpoint

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