zeppelin magazine | no #138


Zeppelin magazine #138

17. Editor’s: Discreet monuments

Text: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

Edito -Bernauer-Strasse-Berlin-

28.  Justin Baroncea, Iulia Vasile: A Coat Somewhere in a Garden

>   A house in Breaza village

Justin - Breaza

30.  SYAA:  Building on the Verge

> Boarding house in Chilia Veche – the Danube Delta

Text: Andrei Mărgulescu

 Syaa - delta

35.  Henrik Lunden – The Common Office: W Club Charles de Gaulle

 >   Workout space in Bucharest

Text:  Cosmin Caciuc

 Henrik Lunden – The Common Office W Club Charles de Gaulle_Vestiare Femei

37.  Stardust Architects: Scene from Behind the Scene

>  Administrative annex inside an opera building

scena din spatele scenei

41.  Ideogram Studio: M1. Workshop

>  Internal working space for the creation of wines at Murfatlar

45.  Graphic Studio: One Plot, Three Houses

>  Five levels block of flats in Bucharest

 Graphic Studio

48. Brenac + Gonzalez: 3 objects, One Urban Block

>  Two blocks of flats and a pastoral Catholic building


64. Artre Studio: Pragmatism, Diversity and Appeal to Modernism

>  Residenz project in Chitila

Text:  Ignaz S. Schmidt, Dragoș Lungulescu, Cosmin Caciuc

 Artre Studio_Project_20140813_0027

70. Andrei Comănac:  True Luxury is Green

>  Amber Gardens – residential complex based on bioclimatic principles  in  Otopeni–Tunari

Text: Alesonor


75. Connected

      76.  The Portrait of a House

> Costa-Foru house and the story “Beyond the Façade”

Text: Yasmin Asan

Casa Costa-Foru - Salonul principal, inaccesibil familiei în perioada comunistă

80.  Reducing Mortgage Default Risk with Greener Homes

> The second episode of a series of articles to provide understand­ing about an important trend in Romania 

Text: Steven Borncamp – CEO Romania Green Building Council

 Rogbc -valley21 – vama buzaului – Brasov – Romania – render East Side

84. Halele Carol

     84. Historical Allotment and Renewed Urban Identity

> Urban research and a unique exhibition at the Railroad Museum (CFR) in Bucharest  

Text: Andrei-Răzvan Voinea, Andreea-Livia Ivanovici

 HC - CFR -Distribuirea pliantelor in cartierul Grant-Belvedere   (5)

89. Design & More

     90. Post City

> This year’s edition of Ars Elecronica in Linz looked at new meanings of urban life

Text: Constantin Goagea



Editor’s: Sensible monuments

Text & photo: Ștefan Ghenciulescu

This article is not about the already famous gigantic cross with twinkling lights proposed for University Sq as a monument to the 1989 Revolution; it is only the latest in a series of authoritarian and pompous actions that have been rained upon us from various city administrations in the past years. Impaled potatoes, grotesque busts, monstrous princes, cumbersome allegories…

Beyond the lack of artistic culture of the commissioners and the fact that they waive any advice or public consultation, the problem seems to be the need for bombastic: in order to remember or simply to honor something good and beautiful, you must exaggerate, look for grandeur, size, magnitude and maximum visibility. They must be seen, literally jump at you. Otherwise, the monument doesn’t work, it seems.

October 2015