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29. Editor’s: Tradition is the New Modernity or the Other Way Round.
Text: Stefan Ghenciulescu

30. Bart Lens: Rural Character and Modernization
> The renovation of an old farm in Belgium

Top Floor

Stefan Tuchila climbed over 80 buildings and took several thousand photographs of Bucharest: another kind of urban research, a methodical and spectacular urban mapping. And a support for the recollection of a city that is constantly reinventing itself.

Editor’s: Tradition is the New Modernity or the Other Way Round

Post de: Stefan Ghenciulescu

It seems as if with the passing of days, we are more and more conservatives here in Romania; including about architecture. Somehow, this is understandable. On the one hand, constant destruction can bring people closer to the past than to an aggressive present; on the other, crises always cause things to fall back into place, bringing about a return to strong identity landmarks and an even stronger nostalgia for the good old, safe days. 

October 2012