Atelierul de proiectare

Architecture projects

Zeppelin is a laboratory of architecture and design. We like difficult situations, collaborations of all kinds and we listen and investigate thoroughly before the drawing. The projects on which the three partners are authors and co-authors, receive awards regularly and are published in international journals.



A flat’s redesign, Bucharest

An anonymous apartment building of the 30s, with one small flat per floor. No special architecture – on the contrary, awkward positions of the openings, non-functional corners; yet, at the same time, qualities that even the worst architecture at that time had and which hardly come up today: agreeable height, a well proportioned windows, an indescribable charm of bizarre connections between spaces, or of ordinary door joints with panelling and boarding.


Old Houses Anew, Design and Something More

An exhibition about the reactivation of the Romanian architectural heritage.

This exhibition is based on a selection of 20 contemporary interventions to listed buildings. We have not chosen restorations of huge value monuments (where the interventions should be invisible anyway), but operations that breathed new life into old, fragile sites. Respectful repairs, but also infusions of new functions, strategies, community actions, added value for that particular location.

Small repair works

From a recent ruin to a house: recovering and repairing ask for an architectural action, that differs both from restoring and creating a new work.

The project of this house is a rather unusual type of intervention. This is not the continuation of a project or the adjustment to a context. We called it repair works. The repair works of a recent ruin is something else than the intervention on an old house. An old space has a couple of sensitive elements, a spirit, perhaps good proportions or well-aged finishings.

Rehabilitation and extension of an interbellum house in Bucharest

An Art-Deco house of Bucharest

Semi-detached on a small plot, with a stepped parapet in levels terraces yet hiding a gently sloped roofing, boat portholes (lighting the attic) and “cubist” surfaces made of plaster profiles. A nice Bourgeois house in the South of the centre, not listed as a monument, not included in any protected area, and in a rather poor state.

Urban Activations in Romania

An exhibition and a catalogue with 14 projects that have their first concrete achievements in the creation of public space, heritage protection, creating centers of independent cultural and social projects.

Marinache Houses, Călăraşi

Design: Structural rehabilitation and restoration of the Headquarters of the District Office for Culture and National Heritage (D.C.P.N. jud. Călăraşi)

The genuine public character, the preservation of the historical substance, the refusal of the pastiche and a system of minimal interventions defined the restoration of a heritage building in Călărași.