zeppelin magazine | no #32


Arhitectura magazine no 32 summary

  • the dressing-gown house / constantin goagea
  • m7 prototype. uro1.org cooperative
  • peace camp, barcelona. josep benedito, mariona benedito, elena saricu/ elena saricu
  • goverrnment subsidized housing for young people in toledo. jose a. pizarro asenjo
  • housing for young people in timisoara / cosmina goagea
  • l’arbresle. the reuilly deaconesses’ community, versailles. marc rolinet
  • lorenzo house, barcelona. ricard barcells / mihai dutescu
  • cross-bronx expressway @ grand concourse. urban seduction and modernity on the fringes of the metropolis / gabriel bunea
  • utopia and the anthropological status of the built space / francoise choay
  • “joc secund” humanitas bookstore. johannes bertleff, george balan
  • bernini. visions / cosmina goagea
March 2005