zeppelin magazine | no #136


Zeppelin magazine #136

17. Editor’s: High Green, Low Green

Text: Cosmin Caciuc


20. Adrian Pop: A House for Children. And Not Just That

>  Center for Community Resources in the Romanian village of Boldeşti-Scăeni


30. Alexandra Afrăsinei, Cristian Stănoiu: Strategy of Conciliation

>   Auto service with family house

30 service Voluntari

34.  Cristián Berríos:  ERZ House – Futrono

>   A simple house in the south of Chile


38.  RCKa:  Working with Local Community

 >  Collaborative and community-centric design approach


  • 39. Enfield Business Centre

RCKa_Enfield Business Centre_Jakob Spriestersbach_3890

  • 41. The New Generation (TNG) Youth and Community Centre Lewisham, London

 RCKa_TNG_Ioana Marinescu_9858

  • 48.  Köllő Miklós:  A Shelter for a Saw Mill

>   A traditional vernacular device recon­structed in a village in Harghita county


  • 54.  Studio3plus: Delimitation and Redefinition

>  Interior design for an existent house in Bucharest

 studio 3plus Amenajare bucuresti

59. Halele Carol

  • 59. Carol Plant Stories or Placemaking for Children

> Multifunctional creative space at Carol Factory in Bucharest

Text: Ștefania Ferchedău

HC_MG_1105 Vlad Basca (2)

67. Urban Report

  • 68.  Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction, the 4th edition

Architectural interventions that deliver tangible benefits to local communities

 holcim awards -gold

77. Design & More

  • 78.  Ubikubi

> Design  and production partnership and 5 objects presented at the Romanian Design Week  

Text: Robert Savu, Dragoș Motică

 ubikubi -detaliu-8061

83. Connected

  • 84. Nanoturism  

> Research programme and workshop at the  Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies in Slovenia

Text: Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič

nanoturism AAVSS KSEVT hotel_Page_19

  • 90. Studio Roosegaarde: Waterlicht

 > Site-specific installation in the Museumplein in Amsterdam

Studio Roosegaarde Waterlicht Museum plein .jpg

  • 92. Studio Act: VTree

> Prototype of a mobile, autonomous equipment, an urban power generator

Text: Stefan Ghenciulescu

vtree -01_A

Editor’s: High green, low green

Text: Cosmin Caciuc / Photo: Cosmin Dragomir (Boldești-Scăeni)

In this issue we present some examples of good ecological thinking, that I would label as high green, due to their coherent, mature, integrated, financially prudent vision, and responsible, in a broad sense, for the future of the built environment: the education centre of Boldești‑Scăeni (Adrian Pop – Center for Sustainability in the Built Environment), a dossier of the 4th edition of Holcim Awards for sustainable construction, and VTree, a prototype of an urban autonomous mobile power generator from this year’s festival Street Delivery, in Bucharest, by Studio Act.

July-August 2015