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: 24 good stuff on three streets / constantin goagea

dossier: sergison bates
: 26 interview with jonathan sergison / cosmin caciuc


Post de: Justin Baroncea

Along with the real estate boom of the 2006–2008, there entered the Romanian industrial design market building “industry”- related materials, furniture, systems and subassemblies. The quality of design products increased with the demand requirements generated by the explosion of the offer prices.

SERGISON BATES: Interview with Jonathan Sergison

Post de: Cosmin Caciuc

Cosmin Caciuc: Mr. Sergison, the first questions are connected with your biography. You graduated from the Architectural Association in 1989, one of the most prestigious schools of architecture in the world. How was the educational and professional atmosphere at that time in the AA?

Editor’s: Good stuff on three streets

Post de: Constantin Goagea

What could I tell you after 10 years of work at Arhitectura? The start was truly from zero, a certain type of zero since we had the experience of Virtualia and Octogon reviews. That kind of zero in ’99 was a complete lack of funding or means, but we had ourselves to invest and to spend.

July - August 2009