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:a cantata by bach, and a few surfers / constantin goagea

dwelling: dosmasuno arquitectos
:machine for living. dwelling complex in madrid

Esterni – A Lesson in Playful Civic Spirit

Post de: Voica Nicolaescu

Every spring, once the last patches of dirty snow are gone, the meteorological-natural alibi for all difficulties with which the brave fighters in urban pentathlon must cope with every day – walking on the pavement, avoiding ditches and 4X4 cars parked or driving on the road freely, passing by the building sites… Well, you are familiar with them all, aren’t you?

Editor’s: A cantata by Bach, and a few surfers

Post de: Constantin Goagea

I have never been to Leipzig yet, while listening to some music at home, a rather trivial detail took me into an imaginary trip to Katharinenstrasse and then to Santa Cruz, as it follows.

June 2009