Article magazine # 100


Editor’s: Experts in the future

Post de: Constantin Goagea

The future is the place to cultivate optimist and bright plans, and for the cities, global efforts go to new sophisticated digital technologies and to interfaces supporting us to manage with those technologies.

There already is some knowledge about tour urban future, or an image of that, we can feel it in the images and results out of visionary competitions for a better traffic, digital infrastructures, and mobility, vehicles adjusted for the future, a smart lighting of the cities, sustainable architecture and cities, responsible design and so on.

From car to software and hardware manufacturers, automation, and people in the energy sector – not to mention those in building materials industry or the design manufacturers – they are all busy to develop surveys and forecasts for the future of the cities. We have published in the last year several corporate initiatives on those areas, launching great architecture and design competitions or supporting creativity labs, organizing exhibitions and debates to which you are invited and which are still on. It is important to note that many of those directions in which we are asked to work and who pay us to be as creative as possible, come from companies with clear interests but also open and transparent to their future intentions. A good alliance which will influence an increasingly full world, where social and cultural ambitions are vital.

We speak of related interests and responsibilities which are part of our business. Our profession is the focus and the foundation of great plans aiming at the future of the city. We are increasingly encouraged and awarded to see and understand the future. Not simple trends or beautiful buildings, but already credible urban strategies, relevant scenarios including people and resources for which we have to go beyond the ordinary limits of our profession. This asks for articulated visions, understanding our own ideas and intuitions and a new type of discourse, communication and especially project design. 
Optimist perspectives for us then; let us not complain about any space for intelligence and creativity. 


Such an interdisciplinary platform, a way to integrate several ways of thinking and a model to outline issues in dialogue with a diverse audience is to be initiated this year within Zeppelin Festival.

Since we think about how 2012 will be for the economy and for the Romanian architects and urban planners, Zeppelin proposes a balanced and rational discussion about city, money, architecture, an interactive debate to focus on the development issues of the city and the Romanian economy. How are we talking about the market and the urban development in the near future? Who, how and when can somebody do something in Romania, what will Romanian and foreign experts in architecture, urban planning and economy say? How can our cities be more attractive for their people, but also for investments? Who and in what way could implement visions, how could partnerships be set up, in what conditions and how could European funding be found? 


In the first year of Zeppelin review, we need to celebrate. We bet on that name almost one year ago, and in 3 days the idea went out from the computer and turned real. Although Zeppelin is a young publication, the team on board is experienced and has over 100 successful flights. Zeppelin is a project coming with new ideas and turning us into a hyper-productive team. This year we felt like working and had had good vibrations to hopefully contaminate you with. Happy Birthday and best wishes for everybody, we wish you enjoyment and inspiration.