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Arhitectura magazine no 73 summary

:islands we placed a flag on / constantin goagea

dossier: perraudin architectes
:poetical building / cosmin caciuc
:nizas vineyards / cosmin caciuc
:solan vineyards / cosmin caciuc
:la source. cultural complex in fontaine / cosmin caciuc

:the social gesture. two housing projects by brenac & gonzalez / stefan tuchila

Syderurgic and semiurgic. mies and oma in the iit campus of chicago / cosmin caciuc

Post de: Cosmin Caciuc

(E)migration of the new and the aesthetics tuned to the spirit of the age
Modernist architecture spread in the United States following World War II, between 1950-1965, when the recently emigrated masters picked up again their drawing board and made their ideas known in the architectural schools. This process of finding a new territory for the avant-garde will focus on the “monumentalization” of industrial technology.

A place for the city. adriana mereuta: unicredit pavilion contemporary art and culture centre, bucharest / stefan ghenciulescu

Post de: Stefan Ghenciulescu

Adriana Mereuta: UNICREDIT PAVILION Contemporary Art and Culture Centre, Bucharest
Photo: Ioana Nitu

In a capital in which art spaces tend to raise at the level of a rather undeveloped town, any new such insertion turns into an event. But UNICREDIT PAVILION is an event even beyond this sad context. And that because, first of all, it is not about a new gallery, but an independent contemporary art and culture centre – an operation of a new and strong identity (including an architectural one). The centre is the third stage of a programme initiated by Razvan Ion and Eugen Radescu, starting with the PAVILION Magazine and going on with the Bucharest Biennale. The founders of the centre took on the social and political element of art and wished the pavilion be a place meant for research and production and not a merely passive exhibition of local works. That is why the pavilion is not simply located somewhere in the town but it actually tries to be a place adequate for reflection, possibly action too, on the city and the society.

Editorial: islands we placed a flag on / constantin goagea

Post de: Constantin Goagea

There is a certain “syndrome of the island” which cannot be avoided in this place. Even though we are not an island, we are rather far from the main cultural access routes, the key architectural events, the sources of inspiration and the production hubs of current modernity. In Romania, the contemporary product architecture and design are still too weakly linked by the European modernity, either because of a poor education, or perhaps economic issues or various tastes and a confused understanding of what urbanity, the beauty and the pleasure to live stand for.

April 2009