Article magazine # 73


Arhitectura magazine no 73 summary


:islands we placed a flag on / constantin goagea

dossier: perraudin architectes
:poetical building / cosmin caciuc
:nizas vineyards / cosmin caciuc
:solan vineyards / cosmin caciuc
:la source. cultural complex in fontaine / cosmin caciuc

:the social gesture. two housing projects by brenac & gonzalez / stefan tuchila

:a place for the city. adriana mereuta: unicredit pavilion contemporary art and culture centre, bucharest / stefan ghenciulescu

public space: brut deluxe
:plaza de la luna, madrid / ben busche & isabel barbas
:kiosk m. poli / ben busche & isabel barbas

dossier: dcpp arquitectos
:white gate. textile corporation bayon artell
:squeezing living space. paracaima house
:de-composition. teide house

from our neighbours
:a lane in the citadel of buda. the szent gyorgy square, budapest / bálint kamarás
lászló benczúr
:3 locuinte recente 3 recent dwellings / miklós péterffy

experiment: localarchitecture
:undulated church. chapel st. loup

history now
:syderurgic and semiurgic. mies and oma in the iit campus of chicago / cosmin caciuc

in the city
:wild multifunctional. spontaneous urban complex, dristor neighborhood, bucharest / stefan ghenciulescu
:we want postcards / stefan tuchila

:nicola from bern. satellite 2009 preview / radu comsa