Urban Report – platform

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Urban Report is a cross-culture research, gathering theories and critical discourses about the contemporary urban phenomena and architecture in 4 countries: Romania, Hungary, Serbia & Bulgaria

This collaboration platform is realized by a group of professors, researchers, practioners, members of independent organisations and academic institutions. We would like to thank to all friends and media partners for their support.

Echipa: Ivan Kucina, Todor Atanasov, Peter Torniov, Miklós Péterffy, Samu Szemerey, Ştefan Ghenciulescu, Cosmina Goagea, Constantin Goagea.
Instituţii partenere: BINA, SAW, ZEPPELIN, KEK, Transformatori.
Project financed by: Romanian Cultural Institute in the frame of the Cantemir program, Administration of the National Cultural Fund and Romanian Chamber of Architects.