The Entrepreneurs Café

Friday October 20th, 20:00 – 01:00 – Opening party and guided tours through the new materials library MATER. DJ Party with Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine (free entrance)

 Saturday October 21st, 11:00 – 20:00 – The Entrepreneurs Cafe

@ MATER Library space – Splaiul Unirii 160, Industria Bumbacului complex, Bucharest (free entrance)

+ Food trucks, drinks and a lot of coffee

Organized by The Embassy of the Netherlands & Zeppelin & Eurodite & MATER & Nod Maker Space

This event aims to put into light and discussion some entrepreneurship practices, both from Netherlands and from Romania, as factors that are changing the local context. All sort of independent initiatives, social and cultural entrepreneurship, practices of social design, the smart use of any available resource, people and nature – right of common access, creative recycling & up-cycling, circular economy, blue economy, waste reduction, new working relations based on sharing and trust, specific forms of education and professional development will be invited during the two days.

The Entrepreneurs Café aims to cultivate healthy relations and exchange of ideas between people,  creating a special space for dialogue. PUCK – a design pop-up urban installation/meeting point will function during two days of the MATER Opening Event 2017.

Our event will host a series of Talks, opening up the debate on some themes related to creative industries, design, co-working spaces and start-up communities, serial entrepreneurs and business angels, responsible food, think global and act local, creative up-cycling, smart social and experience economy practices, innovative ways to better the society etc.

Having a coffee together with someone is an occasion for talk, social connection or business. We would like to go on and to connect professionals from both countries – Romania and Netherlands, in an inspiring context.

We thought that the best way to spend together a Saturday after the party on Friday evening,  is to invite you out for a coffee, and not a regular one but a coffee break extended to the whole day. This means the special place and time where you just relax, sharing great ideas while meeting new people. So, within the Entrepreneurs Cafe you could chat about any plan that cross your mind, as daring as better. Don’t come with a tie, but with the open mind, eager to inspire and to be inspired and contaminated with good energies, a can-do mentality, and ready-to start initiatives. Or just come for the pleasure to spend a whole day and to enjoy the new library of materials MATER, alongside a good coffee and good design, nice food from different food trucks and especially dynamic presentations of our guests, as we have invited great people to display their innovations.

And who are you going to meet with? Dutch and Romanian entrepreneurs, very different kind of business and independent practices, visions shaping the philosophy of the radical shift of mindset that we are witnessing in real time. Talking about recycling, circular economy, sustainability, ecology, or new strategies for architecture and design – all those business practices are new ways of living and understanding the world we live in.

What is in the program?

  1. Three sessions of presentations on business cases – each of 1,5 hours (intervals 11:30 – 13:00, 14:30 – 16:00 and 16:30 – 18:00); in a dynamic and alert format, there are 4-5 key-speakers for each session.

Themes of the presentations:

Circularity and materials: Instock, Plastic fantastic, I-did, Materia, Eematico, MATER

Social-sustainability in urban spaces: Lola, Metabolic & de Ceuvel, La firul Ierbii

Eco-living & working: Rooftop Revolution, Kantoor Karavaan, Cresc, Chyllia, Ubikubi

  1. A lot of chat sessions over a coffee, where you could sit at any table where the entrepreneurs are waiting for you – so it’s the time for 1:1 talks with any of the key-speakers. There’s no need for any formal introduction, they are ready to tell you the story of their works and projects.

To see & wow:

Office Caravan from Kantoor Karvaan, a cell for urban saints from Chillya, plus PUCK – Pop-Up Creative Kit project by Zeppelin, reconfigured.


Invited projects / speakers / web links:



Materia – library of materials and technologies | Els Zijlstra, Creative Director |

Lola – Leegstand Oplossers Amsterdam  – Lola offers vacant spaces for community-related initiatives. Multicultural communities are sharing the space for temporary use | Simon Arnoldus van Dommelen, CEO |

I-did – textile design by recycling other textiles | Michiel Dekkers, General Director |

Plastic Fantastic – a mobile factory (dream machine) for recycling plastic objects. They are traveling and hunting for plastic randomly thrown in order to transform it into new projects | Remi Hoefman |

Kantoor Karavaan – a working day on the beach, on the mountains, in the forest or wherever you would like, with desk connected to internet. One such of caravan you will see quite in the front space of MATER | Peter de Koning |

Instock – a chain of restaurants using for cooking things that other people would better throw away, usually issues that are not sold anymore within supermarkets  | Nina Graaff, Restaurant Manager the Hague |

Metabolic & de Ceuvel – Metabolic is a multidisciplinary group dedicated to projects of sustainable development. One of their most well-known projects is de Ceuvel, an urban island realized on a deeply polluted land  | Chandar van der Zande, Project Manager Metabolic & Chairman at de Ceuvel |

Rooftop Revolution – consulting for green roofs, De Gezonde Stad – the healthy city, platform of ideas gathered from people for a better city, Zero Waste Lab Amsterdam – recycling of domestic waste, collected and paid on a share basis | Jaap de Jong, Co-founder |,,



NOD Maker Space & MATER – hub of creative industries, design and prototyping, and the first  library of materials from Romania and South-Eastern Europe | Tamina Lolev and Florin Cobuz, Co-founders / Sabina Baciu, Project Manager MATER |,

La firul ierbii – a space for local communities and initiatives | Iulian Canov |

Cresc – multidisciplinary team experimenting and implementing plants design and integrated projects of eco-architecure | Ana Constantinescu and Gabi Corbu |

Chillya – modular eco-house, energetically active, sustainable and very versatile that you could visit and experiment live at the event |  Mathius Ichim, Partener |

Ubikubi – simple and honest objects, by natural and sustainable materials | Dragos Motica  & Robert Savu |

Eematico – platform of education on experiments basis | Ion Neculai, co-founder |

Dizainăr – romanian design shop | Mihnea Ghildus | 

PUCK has been financed: by Romanian Chamber of Architects – OAR / In the frame of the Cultural Program “Bucharest Participatory City” by the Bucharest County Hall through the Cultural Center of Bucharest – ARCUB / by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund – AFCN.