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32 Julita Wójcik – the social interest of art
Interview by Cosmin Caciuc

38 Editor’s: The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet
Text: Cosmina Goagea

40 schneider+schumacher architects: Carpet of Light for Artworks
>  An underground extension for the Städel Museum in Frankfurt establishes a discreete relation with the existent building, by cleverly integrating lightning, structural and climatic principles.

50 István Janáky & György Janáky: Elegy

Text: Péterffy Miklós
>  The Cultural Centre in Hódmezovásárhely, Hungary

60 DOSSIER: Infiniski 
>  Four houses and a small shop based on prefabrication, bioclimatic design, recycled reused materials, flexibility, modularity, non-polluting constructive systems and integration of renewable energy.

  • 60 Manifesto House
  • 64 El Tiemblo House
  • 66 House in Tarragona
  • 68 Five Recycled Containers for One Shop
  • 72 Modular Comfort

76  BIG, Topotek1 & Superflex: Superkilen 
>  A park in Copenhagen, with more than 100 different objects (genuine or copies) from more than 50 countries and with people of more than 50 different nationalities living in its immediate vicinity.

84 Tandem. Creative Factories #2
> Re-using industrial sites

  • 85 Klokgebouw Strijp S, Eindhoven: “Try to be different” / Text: Vera Cerutti
  • 88 WASP. Colonizing an industrial space in Bucharest / Text: Andreea Capitanescu

Urban Report 

90 Oberliht, Chisinau: 
Art, civic action and reflection over the post-totalitarian city 
Text: Vladimir US

102 Concordia Bakery: Social Responsibility and Savvy Business
>  A café and a new model of social business in the centre of Bucharest 
    Text: Cosmin Caciuc

Smart Systems
104 Studio Roosegaarde: Boo
>  An interactive installation by Daan Roosegaarde in Amsterdam

106 Vitamins & Maddak Inc.: Morph Folding Wheel
> MORPH™ Wheels – the world’s first ever foldable wheelchair wheel

108 Farm at the Office

> Beyond aesthetic improvement, the renovation of an office building in Tokyo involves a concept of urban farming, which encourages social interaction among employees.

117 Beacon 

Text: Bogdan Moga 
>  A night lamp made of copper tubes and joints

118 Lettrists, Isou & Co: Exhibition at The National Museum of  Contemporary Art Bucharest