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18 Editorial 

Text: Constantin Goagea

20 Perraudin Architectes: A garden for an ampelographic collection

Wine Museum, Corsica

One-piece design. With Anca Fetcu / Bucharest Design Center

Post de: Constantin Goagea

Constantin Goagea: In 2008 you came back from UK. Certainly, to move mountains and I suppose you quickly banged your head against brick walls.
Anca Fetcu: A day after coming back… (laughing) …No, not at all…Well, they said it’ s not possible, not here, not now, it’s difficult and it won’t come out.

Creation Factory, Barcelona by Manuel Ruisánchez, Francesc Bacardit, Architects

Post de: Manuel Ruisánchez, Francesc Bacardit, arhitecti

Light partions and the insertion of new organs shape the strategu for the recovery of the the Fabra & Coats Factorya as a centre for creative industries.


Editorial: The boy with a rock star name

Post de: Constantin Goagea
When you get in your forties, you swear that the whole male world is moving in a more or less predictable way: you have stories to tell which make young women gaze in wonder, you can count some important work experiences, fulfilled personal projects or at least clear ones, a secure job, a company, children, wife, one mistress or more, each depending on the case, lots of travels, cars, motorcycles, an apartment, a better house.
February 2012