Magic Blocks 2009 – research

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The research project provides a synthesis, scenarios, principles and studycases, as well as coherent strategies of intervention and models of projects to rehabilitate the ensembles of the socialist era in Bucharest. Over 70% of the people in Bucharest live in blocks built in the socialist era, which degraded over time and point to considerable economic and social issues.

In addition, the low acceptance of urbanity of some of the locals and the concentration on the own private space resulted in the change of the former uniform structures into a type of vertical villages. Any block turned into a collection of private spaces, upon which improvement actions are focused. The key concept of the project is that the rehabilitation of those neighbourhoods does not limit to technical improvements, but must be seen as a complex programme of urban regeneration which also cover the spatial, social and economic issues. The rehabilitation interventions will work only if the activation of a common action is successful. A realist strategy implies the set up of a participating, counseling and communication mechanism between various partners (association of owners, authorities, funders, project authors, builders etc.) to identify issues, define, accept through negotiation and communicate an economic and technical project and carry it out as a set of coordinated actions.
Organizers: Zeppelin Association, Point4 and Archis Interventions, in cooperation with ATU, Space Syntax România, Hackenbroich Architekten, Platforma 9.1.
Project funded by the Romanian Cultural Institute through CANTEMIR Programme.
Supported by: Museum of Romanian Peasant, Union of Romanian Architects, ERSTE Foundation, Bucharest Austrian Cultural Forum, Embassy of the Netherlands at Bucharest, Rehau Art, Baumax, Wienerberger-Porotherm, BCR. Partners: Velux, Roca. Sponsors: Rockwool, Gealan, Resido, Fakro, Dulux.