Laborator 01. Zeppelin

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book – 2010
25 ours of talks about architecture

Accessible both, for architecture professionals and general public, „Laborator 01” synthesizes essential ideas expressed on the occasion of Zeppelin meetings and of the interviews taken to their guests (architects, designers, editors and artists).

A generous range of aspects concerning buildings, planning, cities, territory, image and development are considered, this publication focusing on alternative approaches.
It’s a small book, easy usable, but rich in content and with engaging design, thus favoring a fast reading for a light assimilation of some actual ideas in the field. This publication has been conceived in such a way that it pleasantly underlines some high importance nowadays aspects, thus representing simultaneously a result of the field research and starting point for developing new concepts adapted to contemporary problems and exigencies.
Edited by: zeppelin. ISBN: 978‑973‑0‑08875‑5