Catalan contemporary architecture

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16 November – 20 December 2004,
“Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bucharest

The exhibition focused on Catalonia and its architectural state-of-the-art architecture. We did not aim to have a division of style, since the trends and styles are least applicable in the Iberic Peninsula.

 The selection went along three categories: 1. members of the international elite – Carlos Ferrater, and the continuation of classical modernity, as opposed to the unclassifiable poetics of Eric Miralles 2. young promising architects – Manel Bailo, Rosa Rull, Jaime Coll, Judith Leclerc, Eric Massip, Angels Negre & Felix Solaguren, Miguel Roldan, Merce Berengue, Juan Trias de Bes – noted for their successful integration of external influences, the joy of experimenting, and the fertility of new themes – environment, urban explosion, new technologies, without the so trendy gratuities today 3. mixed teams of very young Romanian and Spanish architects: Elena Nedelcu – together with Lluis Gimenez Mateu and Justin Baroncea, together with Jordi Perramon, Victor Centellas and Horaci Sanchez.
Organizers: Zeppelin team, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning. Main sponsors: Carpatcement, Graphisoft, Delta Distribution. Sponsors: Knauf, Titan Mar, Stage Expert, Franke, Hewlett Packard, Wienerberger, Cotnari, Cărtureşti, National Housing Agency, National Investments Company, Ruuki