… a magazine for architecture and urban culture, now an online one as well, but also a platform for reflection and urban intervention, a design studio, several published books, dozens of exhibits, hundreds of conferences and many other events.

In fact, Zeppelin appeared long before it was called so. In the late 90s, many very young architects began to work together on print or online publications. The current team was founded in 2000 by Cosmina Goagea, Constantin Goagea and Stefan Ghenciulescu. Architectural critique was later accompanied by research projects, organizing events and urban interventions (see Cultural Programs section) and an architecture and design studio.

The name appeared in 2008. We thought the inter- and post-war avantgarde, when the airship started to be associated with the image of cities that grew tall, symbolizing the leap from utopia to the most daring technologies; equally, a Zeppelin allows one to float over the city, offering an overview, observing and comparing architectural and social developments and open, laid-back critique.

In 2011, after 11 years of publishing Architecture magazine, we chose to carry on our editorial project and to continue most of the work as Zeppelin.

We remained just as preoccupied with architecture, design, cities, people who produce and use them. In 2016, we transformed our website into a full online publication. Today, you can find a lot of architecture online (even before traditional publications) but rarely an appropriate selection and real items, ie a critical analysis and a story, not just numbers about a house. e-zeppelin is a consistent online publication, with real time original articles about the latest and most valuable works, mainly from Romania, but also about exceptional international practice, competitions, major issues, smart ideas, events worth pursuing. e-zeppelin reacts to immediate actuality, but is also (perhaps the only) online archive of Romanian and regional contemporary architecture.

e-zeppelin operates in an integrated way with the print publication. Zeppelin Magazine became a bookazine since 2016 – a product that appears regularly, four times a year, and has the size and quality of an architecture album; a publication with large images, critical texts, reports, drawings and technical information. Leafing through its pages will bring a satisfaction  no virtual browsing can give, and you will keep it carefully in your library.


 Zeppelin projects were made possible by a team of which we are proud, as we are proud of our collaborators and partners, a network that goes from Belgrade to Chile and an audience that grew and sustained us all throughout crises and transformations.

Stefan Ghenciulescu - Cosmina Goagea - Constantin Goagea*From left to right: Ștefan Ghenciulescu, Cosmina Goagea, Constantin Goagea

The magazine, publications and projects of team Zeppelin won so far 6 awards and 7 nominations at the Architectural Annual Bucharest, a medal and three nominations at the National Architecture Biennale, one nomination at “European Public Space of the Year 2011ˮ for the ‘Magic Blocks’ project, first place in the national contest and the opportunity to build the Romanian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Architecture 2006.


In 2017 the project e-zeppelin is co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration – NCFA

The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. NCFA is not responsible for the content of the project or for the way the results are used. These fall under the whole responsibility of the beneficiary