About 12 independent initiatives, development and urban culture in the grim part of the city

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Let’s not beat around the bush: those of us who do not live in the southern part of Bucharest rarely go there, unless we have some specific reason. Exceptions are usually parks and malls.

Traditionally the poorest side of Bucharest, the South received a new blow with the demolitions and especially Ceaușescu’s sinister avenue, which literally cut the town in half and isolated the south even deeper.

But despite this situation and sometimes precisely due to the abandonment and segregation that kept prices and rents low or left large unused industrial areas, the South is now the favourite neighbourhood for independent initiatives.

With very little money, with little or no public support, several groups of people have started cultural, social and entrepreneurial actions. They began to change the face of the city, and sometimes even bring thousands of people, at once, beyond Unirii Boulevard and slowly become landmarks for the residents of these neighbourhoods they settled in.

New nature on the wasteland in Văcăreşti, areas of production and creativity, factories reborn, art, dance, music and design centres, galleries, cool bars and clubs.

As for Zeppelin, until 2013, we had only been intensely studying the phenomenon, how we could promote it, we asked questions, we admired (and sometimes envied a little). Meanwhile, it was our turn to start an ongoing activity in Carol Factory, and we rejoice to see it moving forward and growing.

The 12 initiatives researched in 2015 are:

Carol Factory

Anaid Art Gallery

WASP – Working Art Space and Production


Văcărești natural park

Ateliere fără frontiere


National Dance Center Bucharest– cndb